[View & download my portfolio as a .pdf in “Amir Portfolio.pdf“]

Hello and welcome to my personal website. My name is Amir and I am a 3d artist and an apps / games programmer. You can learn more about me in “About Me + Contact” section. A wide range of topics excites me. You can view about my research interests in “Research” section. For now, I’d invite you to have a look at my current show-reel:


You can view this video hosted on this website as well [ might be a little slower ]


This is a compilation of various projects I have done throughout the years. I had a variety of roles in these projects, from technical assistant to rendering specialist to dynamics programmer as well as project manager. In most cases, I have been in charge of the technical aspects of the project with art being managed by other individuals.

If you wish to see the commissioned projects I have worked on, please visit the “3D Imagery” section.

If you would like to see the projects I have worked on as project manager, please visit “My Own Projects” section.

Furthermore, while I do a variety of 3D graphics and programming tasks, the 3D imagery has always been the most evident of my work. This is merely because it has a visual nature and easier to represent. If you wish to see samples of the apps or games I have designed and developed, please visit “Programming” section.