About Me + Contact

My name is Amir Hosein Jahanlou. I was born in “Iran” in 1982. I am a computer graphics artist and video games / apps programmer. In my free time, I do photography and I try to paint. I am currently working at “SAE Dubai” as assistant manager and senior games programming lecturer. I come from a family of academics and am planning to continue my life in academia and research centers.

I have done a variety of exercises during my career life, from technical work on animation and games to photography and film making, and I have even directed my own short films. In “My Job“, I spend quit a large sum of my time in social media and new media. Both from a study angle as well as practical solutions for marketing and business development.

I am also interested in different aspects of new technologies, especially those that deal with entrepreneurship, green energies, environment and species preservation, organic food production and alternate medicine approaches. I have a small website that I maintain with these type of topics and information. Coming from the background of visual media, my website delivers all of its content in the format of videos and motion graphics. I encourage you to visit “Gray Cut” to view some of these ideas.

My dream project of life is having a self sufficient organic farm that is powered by solar and wind energy.

If you wish to get in touch with me, you can always find me on my email, Facebook or LinkedIn pages. Also feel free to give me a call: