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Amir Jahanlou curriculum vitae

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  • Computer Animation Artist, Programmer, Educator and Marketer
  • Masters of Arts in Creative Media Industries – MDX London, GPA 4
  • Born on 2nd January 1982
  • Currently Assistant Manager / Senior Lecturer – SAE Dubai



Working in a research facility where I can utilize my computer science / graphics experience for developing new technologies / methods. Where risk taking and rule bending are the routine and result in innovation.


Technical Skills:

  • iOS / Android Apps Development
  • Video Games Programming
  • Game Level Design & Development
  • Web Design & Development with WordPress / Joomla CMS
  • Lighting, Photography & Retouching
  • Filming, Camera Works, Editing
  • 3D Modeling, Characters / Facial Setup, Animating
  • 3D Lighting, Rendering
  • Maya Plugin Development
  • Virtual Environments
  • Visual Data Simulations
  • UI / UX Design



Soft and Transferable Skills:

  • Online / Offline Marketing
  • Academic Management
  • Creative / New / Social Media Management & Research
  • Online advertising & Analysis (Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)
  • Presentation, Public Speaking
  • Teaching, Course Content & Curriculum Development
  • Script / Speech, Press Release Writing, Copywriting
  • Entrepreneurship, Business Development
  • Crowd Funding / Crowd Sourcing


Work Experience:

Jul 2012 – Current

1- Assistant Manager – SAE Dubai – Dubai, UAE

As assistant manager at SAE Dubai, I am in charge of the marketing of the school. I handle a variety of business related matters. From overseeing the sales team and web development, to managing our social media pages and organizing our online advertising. I do also manage and organize our events and make barter deals with various companies on behalf of the school. In the absence of the dean, I am also in charge of the school’s academic staff. As a marketer at SAE Dubai, I have outscored every predecessor of mine. I have gained 99.7% of my annual target in 2013.[SAE Dubai is the UAE’s branch of the world’s largest media school]


2- Games Programming Course Coordinator – SAE Dubai – Dubai, UAE

As the head of games course at SAE Dubai, I am in charge of making sure the course runs smoothly and students receive appropriate care. I am also in charge of two full time lecturer and two part time lecturers. Furthermore, I oversee our content and make sure it both reflects the academic values of SAE Dubai as well as the current trends in the industry. While I teach a few classes myself, I also develop and maintain the curriculum for the department as well. [SAE Dubai is the UAE’s branch of the world’s largest media school]


Aug 2006 – Jul 2012

Senior Animation / Programming Lecturer – SAE Dubai – Dubai, UAE

Before assuming the management role in SAE Dubai, I was the senior animation and programming lecturer in here. My responsibilities as a lecturer was delivering the classes, taking care of students’ technical and at times personal issues. I also was in charge of my own units as unit coordinator. [SAE Dubai is the UAE’s branch of the world’s largest media school]


May 2003 – Feb 2006

Visual Effects Technical Director – Mediatech Dubai – Dubai, UAE

Mediatech was a very successful visual effect and postproduction house in Dubai during the mid 2000′s. We won several awards and started an in-house R&D department. My job as a 3D technical director included a wide range of activities such as modeling, shading, lighting, particle effects, and fluids / dynamics simulations.


Mar 2000 – Nov 2002

3D Animator / Graphics Designer – Color of Paradise – Tehran, Iran

This was my first official full time job. Color of Paradise was an advertising agency in Tehran. We worked on a number of projects form an oil company. My work was usually graphic design, 3D modeling, and at times video editing.



  • MA – Creative Media Industries – Middlesex London (GPA 4)
  • BA – Digital Film Animation – Middlesex London (GPA 3.6)
  • Self-taught Programming, VFX, Photography


Language Skills:

  • Farsi/Persian – Mother Tongue
  • English – Bilingual (Academic IELTS: 8)
  • Arabic – Professional Proficiency


Software Skills:

  • Autodesk Maya:                      Power User
  • Autodesk 3DS Max                  User
  • Adobe Creative Suite              Power User
  • Microsoft Office Suite              Power User
  • Unity3D                                 Power User
  • Apple XCode                          User
  • Google Eclipse                       User
  • The Foundry Nuke                  User
  • Nvidia Menatl Ray                  User
  • Pixar Renderman                   User


Programming Languages Skills:

  • Objective-C          Power User
  • C#                       Power User
  • Mel                      Power User
  • Java                     User


Courses / Units Taught at College Level (Bachelor’s Degree Level):

  • Object Oriented Programming With C#
  • Introduction to Graphics and Animation
  • Introduction to Game Design
  • Games Programming I
  • Games Programming II
  • Game Level Design
  • 3D Environment Development
  • Interactive Development with Adobe Flash
  • Principles of Design
  • Advanced Lighting with Mental-Ray & Renderman
  • Marketing for Media
  • iOS Apps Development
  • Android Apps Development
  • Advanced Compositing and Motion Graphics
  • Game Development Short course


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