My Current Job

I currently work at “SAE Dubai” as assistant manager and games programming course coordinator. SAE is officially the largest media school of the planet. With 56 branches in 5 continents, we provide hands on training in audio engineering, games programming, graphics design, film production, web development and interactive animation.

Having two separate responsibilities in the office, I do a variety of tasks on a daily basis. For my management role, I am in charge of marketing and developing our strategic alliances, growing our online reach as well as advising new partnerships and affiliations. My Marketing tasks include but are not limited to the following:

  • Social media Management
  • Workshop Development and Scheduling
  • Advertising
  • Media Communications
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Media Purchase
  • Event Management
  • Event Spot Booking
  • Exhibition Stand Design
  • Video Commercial Development
  • Script Writing
  • Press Release, Copy Writing
  • Radio Copy Writing
  • Film Shooting, Directing, & Editing
  • Barter Deal Negotiations

If you wish to see samples of the advertising and work I have done for our school, please visit “Videos for SAE Dubai” section.

Besides the management, I have for the past seven years been an academic. My teaching philosophy is very simple;

“A teacher should not merely teach the course content, but should prepare students for life. “

In all of my classes, I exercise a degree of discussions, arguments and at times disagreements about matters that are not directly relevant to the class content. I believe teachers are the ultimate role models for students and should give the feeling that they live amongst them in the same society. I have discussed matters such as global warming or fast food industries at lengths with my students in many different occasions. I believe it has always helped me develop a better relationship with my students. I have observed how these comfortable discussions have also impacted helped them learn better.

I also believe in learning by doing. In all of my classes, I role up my own sleeves and work with my students. If they are designing a game, so do I, if my students are developing a 3D character, I will develop mine with them. I find this approach an incredibly helpful way for students to benefit from class time.

In my time in SAE Dubai, I have taught a wide range of classes and courses that includes but does not limit to the following:

  • Object Oriented Programming With C#
  • Introduction to Graphics and Animation
  • Introduction to Game Design
  • Games Programming I & II
  • Game Level Design
  • 3D Environment Development
  • Interactive Development with Adobe Flash
  • Principles of Design
  • Advanced Lighting with Mental-Ray & Renderman
  • Marketing for Media
  • iOS Apps Development
  • Android Apps Development
  • Advanced Compositing and VFX

If you wish to see samples of the work done by my students, please visit “My Students Work” section.

Also in this video, you can view a sample of one of my classes. This is iOS app development, somewhere in the middle of the course: