My Own Projects

Besides the commercial / commissioned projects, I have always been involved in some extra curricular projects. Whether entering a competition or targeting a film festival or perhaps for the purpose of a start-up game company, I have always kept myself busy with some extra work. Here you can view 5 of my personal projects that I am most proud of:


Gray Wolf: This is a project in which I managed a team of my students at SAE Dubai. The project was meant for the’s 24th computer graphics challenge. The team of 16 inexperienced CG artists worked tirelessly for nearly 10 weeks. The result was winning the award of best editing / compositing amongst over a 100 teams worldwide. You can view the final project in this video. To learn more about this project and its complete description as well as making of videos and photos, please go to: “Gray Wold Movie Trailer


Gray Wolf II – Redemption: A year after the first Gray Wolf, I assembled a team of my students to work on the 2nd iteration of this project. This time however, we chose a completely different approach; a full-fledged 3D animation. Using some of the most advanced 3D software in the market we did advanced rendering, motion capture data handling, crowd simulation, volumetric rendering, fur rendering and more. I personally coded more than 5,000 lines of codes during this project. The final product was entered in’s 25th computer graphics challenge. This time unfortunately we didn’t win anything, although we got an honorary mention. You can view the final trailer in this video. To see more of the project, its technological achievements and making of videos and photos, please visit: “Gray Wolf – Redemption”


Strength of Fate: Quintessence: My next project after Gray Wolf II was an attempt to make a AAA action adventure video game for PC. Design of the game, set in the Middle East told the story of Omar, a young man in pursue of the fountain of youth. Together with some of my former students and colleagues, we managed a trailer and playable demo of the game in a span of about 4 months. The game was very well received in Dubai World Game Exhibition 2010 (DWGE). After that, we looked into seeking investment for developing the whole game. Almost all investment firms we reached out to liked the concept, none of them however was willing to invest in the game merely because we did not have a track record of games within the body of our developers. Most of these firms suggested that we start with something smaller and then come back to them. You can view the game trailer in this video. To find out more about the project and read its detailed 86 pages business plan, please visit: “Quintessence


DPP Game Trailer: This is a project that was commissioned to me but before it actually gets starts, it was cancelled. I yet decided to work on it on my own. This time I didn’t have anyone in my team and I literally had to do the whole project all by myself. The project was meant to be a driving game commissioned by Dubai Public Prosecution. Staying true to its origin, I designed a trailer for the game in 3D. The project was merely a hobby to me as I didn’t have anything better to do during that time. You can view the final trailer in this video. For more details please view the “DPP – Game Trailer


World Cup Runner: This is the latest in realm of my personal projects. The project currently at the debugging stage is meant to be a video game developed for cross platform mobile / tablet interfaces. The game itself is an endless runner in which player can choose one of the many teams in the Fifa World Cup 2014. To learn more about this project, please go to: “World Cup Runner

World Cup Runner, Gameplay Sample.World Cup Runner, Gameplay Sample.


GW Dubai: is the name of the work-group we started in late 2010 for managing social media pages and placing online advertising for various companies in Dubai. Opening various channels across different social media pages, we attracted nearly a 100,000 followers. you can view more about this in “New+Social Media”

 GW Dubai Social Media Management WorkgroupGW Dubai Social Media Management Workgroup


Alacut: Is the concept for a new social media website and app that is designed for videos. The website unlike other competing website does not work on the basis of the number of views or videos. It is merely based on the amount of the votes received by users. The website has a back-end algorithm that deletes the down-voted videos. This way, it acts as a content filtering website. The project kicked off in September 2012 and the website was partially done by Mid 2013. The crowd funding campaign for the project in October 2013 was receiving very well recognition. Unfortunately and due to some unresolved conflicts between partners, the project was indefinitely placed on hold. You can view some of the designs for the website in: “Alacut

Alacut LogoAlacut Logo


Khalid Al Awar for Congress: Following my interest in politics, I was reached to manage a campaign for a candidate in UAE’s Federal National Congress (FNC). Within a span of 2 weeks, I wrote several speeches, developed two motion graphics videos and increased the candidates social media reach by about 400%. In a very close race, the candidate lost the race by a small margin. To learn more about this event, please view “Khalid Al Awar for Congress

Khalid Al Awar for CongressKhalid Al Awar for Congress