One of my skills that I am most proud of is public speaking and presentations. Fueled by my background in teaching, I have delivered public talks on behalf my work places, hosted events as MC and delivered numerous presentations in technical and non-technical topics. You can see some of the most notable presentations in here:

Mobile Apps Development – At Twofour54 Abu Dhabi – August 2010. As one of the very early adopters to mobile apps development, I delivered a workshop for nearly 100 people about mobile apps development with iOS.



Marketing with Apps – At Content & Character Show Dubai – December 2011. Dubai content & character show is one of the biggest digital content shows in Middle East. I was invited to deliver a lecture on the use of mobile apps in marketing. I was at the time, developing my research thesis for my masters degree (enterprise iPhone app). The lecture was very well received by a group of about 25 industry professionals.



Creative Talents – At Content & Character Show Dubai – December 2012. In 2012, I was also invited to be a panelist in Dubai content and character show. As a panel we discussed issues of recruiting talents in the Middle East and responded to a wide range of questionnaires from a crowd of about 50 people.



Developing for iOS or Android – At Middle East Mobile Show Dubai – April 2012. Middle East mobile show invited me for two separate lectures in their show of 2012. Covering iOS and Android separately, a total crowd of about 150 people attended the talks.



Careers in App Development – At Global Apps Summit Dubai – June 2013. In Global Apps Summit Dubai, I delivered a lecture for about 100 people on what they can do within the apps ecosystem.



Mobile Apps Entrepreneurs Dubai – Pitch Moderator – June 2013 At Global Apps Summit 2013. The summit welcomed my idea for a pitch zone where developers could pitch their ideas to potential investors and other developers.



Public Speaking Workshop – At SAE Dubai – Feb 2014. I delivered a workshop in public speaking and presentations. The workshop received nearly 50 attendees and encouraged SAE to start a short course in presentation for managers. The short course under development is starting in August 2014.

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Cool Careers in Creative Media – At Getex 2011 Fall – October 2011. Getex is the Gulf Education and Training Exhibition. I was invited to deliver a presentation about digital media. Around 150 high school leavers attended. The presentation was an absolute success and generated a very valuable exposure in the.



Secrets of Digital Media – At Getex 2012 Spring – April 2011. I was once again invited to deliver a lecture at Getex. This time the topic was utilizing digital media for corporations. The attendees were 30 digital marketing professionals from various companies.