Coding has been an integral part of my work for the past decade. Whether a simple script to simplify a repetitious task or for coding a full fledged app or a game. Throughout the years, I had to program in a variety of interfaces and languages, yet my most current knowledge is in the following interfaces:

  • Objective-C – iOS Development with XCode
  • C# – Games Development with Unity3D, iOS & Android Apps Development with Xamarin
  • MEL (Maya Embedded Language) – Scripting for Maya

In here you can view some of the projects I have worked on throughout the years.

Dubai Islamic Bank iOS App: DIB reached out to me to develop a proof of concept app for their upcoming iOS app. Besides a unique security matters that a bank app should benefit from, they also wanted a very social and comfortable user experience. After a week, we delivered the first draft of the app user interface. The final app was developed by a different company but they stayed loyal to this design.

DIB one

dib two



Dubai Nights iOS App: A night club listing company asked me to develop an app for them were user can benefit from their loyalty. The app was meant to deliver a value to frequent users of bars and clubs.

dna One

DNA two



Dub-in Magazine iOS App: This is the proof of concept for an iOS version of an online magazine in Dubai. The project never took off.

dub in one



City of Dubai Guide iSO App: This is my first commissioned iOS app. It is a simple guide to the city of Dubai.

City Of Dubai



Harpic Presentation iOS App: Harpic used this app for presenting their next generation of cleaners through hand-in iPads.

harpic one


Its Sugar Infomercial iOS App: This was an app used by a company in Dubai called its sugar. Users could answer the questionnaires and win prizes.



SAE Dubai Various iOS Apps: During my time in SAE Dubai, I developed several apps for the school. Some of which does really simple things such as collecting the information from walk-in inquirers to a concise version of the company’s website.



Tap Dogs Proof of Concept iOS App/Game: This is a proof of concept for a rather ambitious app for a world class dance group. Tap Dogs wanted an app where users could simulate a short dance and send it to their friends.

tap dog one



Dubai Restaurant Guide iOS App: This is a project that I did on my own. In very simple words. it converts the restaurant menus into a media rich iPad app.

digi menu website



Dubai 2013 Shopping Festival iOS App (in mall App): This app was installed in various shopping malls in Dubai during the 2013 DSS (Dubai Shopping Festival). Users could enter their information and guess the price of a certain item. At midnight, all devices would submit their answers to a back-end where a winner would be chosen based on well they guessed the price of the item. The application had a backend where the owners could could the item of the day and could access all of the data-base at any time.

DFS one



Gray Wolf II Scripting for Crowd, Vegetation and Trees: You can view this project by itself in: Gray Wolf II: Redemption