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Previous Research

Being an academic, research is an integral part of my life. From simple troubleshooting for either myself or my students, to a full-fledged commissioned research, I am always in the lookout to find the best solutions for problems. I believe solutions should be innovative, practical and time saving. Many tasks can be done by repetition and/or the hard work. Finding the optimum solution is the work of a good researcher. My field of work has countless areas for research and study. Whether a simple technical matter that can save artists’ time or a complete solution offered for a whole group of people, there are many areas one can investigate. Within the realm of large-scale research, I have so far managed to conduct two papers. Below, you can read a short abstract of each of them. Should you like to read the complete research, you can download the .pdf documents.


Renderman Vs Mental Ray: An in-depth study of the world’s most recognized 3D render engines.


Abstract: Whether you are a 3D artist working for a major postproduction facility or an independent artist working at home, at one point in your life -usually at an early stage- you come across the question;

“Which 3D application should I use to make the most realistic imagery?”

I believe the correct question to be asked is:

“Which render engine should I use?” or “Which render engine works the best with my 3D application?”

The reason for that is because most of what is finally presented to the audience is the task of the render engine. A 3D render engine is essentially the transition of the 3D models and mathematical formulas into images that can be seen and processed by the human eye. It is also the engine’s responsibility to add effects such as lighting, shadows and reflections to achieve the necessary realism for the computer generated images.

This study will report an in-depth comparison between the two most popular and recognized 3D render engines utilized in the field of 3D computer animation and visual effects. In most cases the judgment is bases on the quality against the time. The time might either be the time spent tweaking the image by user or the time spent computing it. This study will at the end answer its “research questions” with the results from the practical work. To read this research’s final report, please view: Mental-Ray Vs Renderman.pdf


Enterprise iPhone App: An action research into procedures necessary for designing an iPhone App for a medium size, new media school in Dubai

Enterprise App

Abstract: App development has taken the business world by a storm. Every day new companies need apps of their own and are referred to various development firms and individuals. Development of apps, while being a tedious and a technical task, it is yet a creative process that requires input from different angles of a corporation. While most companies merely know that they need an app, the features of that app and its goals are often unknown. Above all, the most important question is whether having an app and investing in its front and backend is the right approach for a company. Enterprise development at the same time has become a notable and beneficial business for a lot of development companies and individuals. In this study, different angles of enterprise development are explored and are compared to their effectiveness. The solutions from this study are in essence the approaches a manager of a corporation should take in order to have the proper app for their company.

To manage such goal, an entire array of tasks such as study of existing documents and apps to running surveys, as well as developing an app for this project will be executed. This practical approach helps better understand the tediousness of developing an app and experiencing the app design challenges in a practical level. To read this research’s final report, please view: Enterprise iPhone App


Research Interests:

A lot of things excite me. From computer graphics, games and apps, to green energies, organic food and alternate medicine. My research philosophy is solving a problem for the common man. Whether it is a new drug or a new way of communication or perhaps a way to grow seeds faster, it should all be in the service of the general public. I think the elites have access to almost everything nowadays and the world could do with a little more done for the general public. Making just about a 1000$ a month puts a man within the top 4% of the richest men on the planet. By that math, I am determined to make sure my next research helps the other 96%. In a brief, I could list my research interests as following:

  • Interactive design for education
  • Human interaction with computers and smart hardware
  • Visualization, scientific and story telling
  • New communication tools design
  • Communication interface design
  • New hands free interfaces – voice, view responsive devices
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Massive scale collaborations
  • Everyday visualization and analysis
  • Virtual reality / location gaming, immersion
  • New / social media experience and their impact

I have five projects in mind that I believe could be areas of my next research. You can read a brief about each of them in here. If you wish to learn more about them or collaborate with me on one of them, get in touch with me through my website. Before you read about either of them you can review a summary of each them:

  1. Inocut: A multimedia app / website that allows every citizen to become a motion graphics artist and a visual storyteller.
  2. On-Ride: An artificially intelligent voice recognition service that allows people to have conversations with their car.
  3. Tune-Me: An app that helps people correct their accents in a foreign language.
  4. On-Sight: A system for digital cameras that focuses on a location in the image based on where the user is looking at.
  5. Booked-It: A general humanitarian research to increase book reading within youth.


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