Videos for SAE Dubai

In here, you can view some of the videos I have developed for my current employer (“SAE Dubai“). In almost all of these videos, I have written the script, recorded the videos and then edited the video.

How to make an image with Multiple Copies of yourself in Photoshop! This is a video I did for our new upcoming graphic design degree. I took this project from concept to final edit all by myself.


Keiran Bartlett Introduces SAE Dubai. In this video, our campus manager talks about our school. I did the entire project by myself.


SAE Dubai Radio Ad Behind The scenes May 2013. This is a video of the studio were the radio ad was being recorded. I thought of leaving a camera in the room and later on editing them together. The radio ad script was also written by myself.


SAE In Cinema Outtakes. This is the ad and the outtakes for a video we were previewing in theater screens in 2012. I developed the script for the ad and had the help from our film department to do the shooting in this video. I then did the final editing and grading.


Motion Graphics and Compositing short course at SAE Dubai. Our motion graphics lecturer describes his course based on the script I wrote for him. Our film department did the shoot and I did the editing.


Digital Painting short course at SAE Dubai. I wrote a script for my colleague Bing who talks about his digital painting course. Our film department guys did the shoot and I did th edit.


EMP – Electronic Music Production short course at SAE Dubai. This is a video that talks about our EMP course. I came up with the script, my film colleagues did the shoot and I did the editing.


Digital DJ short course at SAE Dubai. For our DJ short course, I wrote the script, our film department did the shooting in the DJ room and I handled the editing.